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A new law was passed in Colorado allowing the formation or conversion to public benefit corporations (PBCs). A PBC is a for-profit corporation which produces public benefit(s) and operates in a responsible and sustainab

Short Sales are a terrible idea in most cases. Good for Realtors, Bad for you.

Have you considered your Long Term Care plan?

Mile High Insurance, Inc. can offer you permanent solutions to this growing expense.

We recommend policies that pay CASH! CASH will get you the care you need immediately.

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Ms. Aron assists clients who wish to change their legal names due to:
* birth certificate error or misspelling
* passport error, misspelling and name discrepancies
* many other circumstances, see

21 Things to Know if you may need to file bankruptcy in the future. Advanced planning will make your case go smoother and greatly reduce stress for you and your family.

If you have a worthwhile project that is deserving of tax deductible donations, you should consult an attorney to get it started because your organizational documents, including bylaws, will be available to the public.

Know the Colorado Repossession Laws.

Get legal advice at the start of your business to maximize success. Too many businesses fail because they didn't plan for success by getting legal advice from the outset. Also see my article on"How Good Attorneys Make Businesses Money".

The advice of a good attorney ensures prosperity in business. Start out with success in mind by having an attorney prepare the documentation. You will reap the benefits as you build the business, as well as when you sell it.

If you or someone you know is considering hiring a Debt Settlement or Debt Relief company, this is a must read. It may save you or someone else from making a huge mistake.

Using Trademarks and Copyrights (Intellectual Property) to add considerable value to a business costs very little. Maximize success by having an attorney advise you from the outset. Also see my article on"How Good Attorneys Make Businesses Money".

Start a business believing in success. Legal advice from the outset will increase the chance of prosperity and ensure that when you're ready your business will sell for top dollar. Also see my article on"How Good Attorneys Make Businesses Money".

Choosing the Right Business Entity -- LLCs, Corporations, Partnerships and other Enterprises. Use legal advice at the outset for enduring success and prosperity. Also see my article on"How Good Attorneys Make Businesses Money".

For many bankruptcy filers, the prospect of the §341 Meeting of Creditors causes some stress and anxiety. It’s normal to be apprehensive about your 341 Meeting, but at the same time it’s nothing to be afraid of because most 341 hearings go quickly.

The internet creates opportunities for international trade. This article illuminates the requirements for foreign investment in US corporations. This article is available in pdf at

Although you filed bankruptcy to cancel your debts, you have the option to sign a written agreement to "reaffirm" a debt. If you choose to reaffirm, you agree to be legally obligated to pay the debt despite bankruptcy. If you reaffirm, the debt is...

Businesses with web sites cannot be liable for problems that users may claim were caused by use of the site. That is why they require that visitors click a box or link indicating agreement with disclaimers of liability, also known as clickwrap.

Potential exporters may be put off by applicable licensing laws. This article seeks to make the export license process a bit more transparent. A pdf of this article is at

Learn the top four ways to add value to your business. Brief overview of trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, and inventions/patents.

Found 19 records

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