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Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

Published: 07/16/2013 by Jim Ross

Have you been wondering if it’s time to replace one or all of the windows in your home?  There are some very good reasons to replace your windows and if you have 1 or more of these things happening……look to replace them sooner than later.

drafty windows Your windows are drafty in cold weather or too hot in warm weather.

Your home will be more comfortable by insulating your home from the outdoor temperatures.  That drafty space right next to your favorite recliner will be immediately improved. It’s hard to curl up with a good book when you are shivering due to a draft.

Energy efficient windows can provide you a good, tight seal and block out that cold draft as well as that heat penetration during the summer months.

High heating and cooling bills

You can save an average of 35% of your heating and cooling costs by replacing your single pane aluminum windows with more energy efficient vinyl, fiberglass or wood.  Replacing your windows is the “greenest” thing you can do; it saves more energy than recycling and replacing your fluorescent bulbs!

Replacement windows can also protect your furniture, drapes and carpets from fading as a result of intense sun beating down on them.

safe windwosSafety or security concerns

Older windows are often very unsafe and can be broken into quickly and easily.  They can be pried open without difficulty exposing your loved ones and property to immeasurable danger.  The safety mechanisms such as multi-point locks and double seals from new replacement windows will give you an appreciably improved peace of mind and safe living environment.

Existing windows are faded; home looks old and dated, or is in poor condition

Your home will be much quieter and the outside noise won’t be so intrusive with replacement windows.  The vinyl and fiberglass materials used today extend the beauty you had when your windows were new.

Glass is cracked

Cracked glass carries a number of concerns; safety, efficiency, and the ability for dust and bugs to enter your home.  Single pane windows can frost up and freeze open or shut increasing their potential to crack and break. Single pane windows should be replaced with a double or triple pane, energy efficient glass that protects you in your home and creates a barrier to the elements outdoors. broken_window-repair4

Windows are difficult to operate; opening and closing are easier said than done, the operating hardware is stiff and in need of repair

Are you applying WD40 every time you want to raise your window and let in the natural sunshine and fresh air?  Replacement windows are easily operated and can open, slide, or move with one hand! Many old windows are made of dangerous materials such as lead paint.  Upgrading them will improve their functionality and create a safer environment for your loved ones plus you don’t have to hunt down replacement parts for windows or manufacturing companies that may no longer be in business.

poor maintenanceConstant maintenance required; caulking, puttying, painting

Old seals can let in moisture and mold which can spread quickly throughout your home.  Your new windows will provide a tight seal and most offer minimal to no maintenance.  The tight seal created from the weather stripping will also keep out bugs and dust.

Improve your curb appeal and resale value

Estimates claim you can increase the value of your home by 97% of the cost of your replacement windows.  Additionally homes with new replacement windows sell faster.  Replacement windows are among the highest on home improvement projects and are a smart investment.

Lasting Impressions has over 23 years of experience providing customers with ENERGY STAR replacement windows from all of the leading manufacturing companies.  We can assist you in choosing the right window for your home.  Please call us at 800-467-2526 or 303-752-4141.