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Legal Name Change Lawyer

Published: 02/19/2013 by Louise Aron, 30+ Years - Businesses, Corporations, Real Estate, Trademarks/Branding, Name Changes

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      Ms. Aron assists clients who wish to change their legal names due to:

*    birth certificate error or misspelling

*    passport error, misspelling and name discrepancies

*    legal names which are not used

*    legal names which clients, as a result of divorce, change of circumstances, spelling or other reasons, no longer wish to use

*    need to conform driver's license to birth certificate or other documents

*    first, middle or last name discrepancies.

*    Americanization of foreign names

Depending on the county and other factors, the process takes an average of one to two months and the filing and investigative expenses are two to three hundred dollars. Average legal fees are fifteen hundred to three thousand dollars, but fees may vary.

Let Ms. Aron guide you through the procedure.

   Ms. Aron also helps clients change:
*   business names

*   DBA names
*   entity forms.