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With the ever-changing weather conditions of Colorado, it is absolutely vital to invest in both auto and home insurance to ensure that you stay safe and prepared in case of an unfortunate accident. Home insurance is essential to making sure that you won't be left without protection in case something were to happen such as a house fire, unexpected collapse, water damage or anything else that might affect the quality of your home and possibly ruin some of your valuable belongings. With home insurance, you can not only restore your belongings, but restore your life as well.


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45 Reviews
Mike Mugler
Fountain, Colorado
long overdue

As a disabled vet, I have trouble communicating over the phone. I was able to do the whole process through email and at my own pace. Now have a better policy for both my home and autos and now have an umbrella. All for a lower price. Thanks again.

November 2019

Thanks Mike! We are glad we were able to help you with your insurance.

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Helped and they were not even my insurance company!

I called Tom Martino for help and they had Compass on this issue ASAP! Compass is not even my insurance carrier. They helped me with another insurance company getting my medical bills paid and out of work payment. They got this done in less than the time I spent on my own for over 10 months. I am going to be switching over to Compass. Thank you

Thanks for the kind review! We are so glad we were able to help you.

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Jeff Rosen
Boulder CO 80301
Compass A+++

Nicole at Compass spent many hours with back and forth info exchange to compare existing policies and available coverage. I was saved approximately 2500.00 for my business and business auto policy. I was not unhappy with last carrier or agency, but the rates were going up about 20% year over prior year. ( The miracle of compounding ). My strong concern was to be placed with a QUALITY underwriter, as we DID like the business relationship and professionalism we always experienced with Hartford. Hartford was totally cooperative with the process, and asked us to compare prices in the future, as my industry and other factors can change year-to-year. Shifting tides seem to be common in insurance. So Hartford will be examined as a contender should my rates with "Auto Insurers" do the upward crawl, as they all tend to.

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45 Reviews


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