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2701 Lawrence Street, Suite 118, Denver, Colorado 80205, United States
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Olson Law Firm

2701 Lawrence Street, Suite 118, Denver, Colorado 80205, United States


We know that choosing a lawyer to help with your personal injury claim can be over-whelming. At Olson Law, we try to make things easier for you. We make it a point to listen closely to the details of your case and consultations are always free.

The Olson Law Firm

Attorney Sean Olson founded the Olson Law Firm in 2011. Sean founded the firm in order to help people get their lives back after a serious injury or a workplace incident. Our team understands the need for legal representation with compassion.

What we Do

Our firm focuses on those with serious problems like traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and other serious injuries. Our primary goal is to help you recover the maximum amount you deserve and start getting back to your normal life. We understand that the aftermath of a car accident, truck accident, or other incident can be incredibly difficult. We’re here to simplify things.

Through outstanding representation, we ensure that our client’s legal rights are protected. We fully investigate all claims and leave no stone unturned.

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Dedicated Denver Personal Injury Lawyer


We know that choosing a lawyer to help with your personal injury claim can be over-whelming. At Olson Law, we try to make things easier for you. We make it a point to listen closely to the details of your case - and consultations are always free.

We handle a variety of personal injury cases, including:


  • Car Accidents

    The Olson Law Firm has handled numerous car accident claims for our clients.

  • Truck Accidents

    A truck accident can leave you with serious injuries. We can help.

  • Medical Malpractice

    Please reach out for assistance with Medical Malpractice claims.

  • Premises Liablity

    An injury on someone else's property can leave you with expensive medical bills. We can help.

  • Wrongful Death

    Learn more about wrongful death claims in Colorado.

  • Employment Law

    If your employer is treating you unfairly and breaking the law, we want to help.

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Hiring the Best Denver Personal Injury Attorney

Too many personal injury victims hire the big firm they saw on television. When they do so, they may have hired a large corporate firm whose paralegals and assistants will simply settle their case as quickly as they can, leaving thousands of dollars on the table. Sometimes, without having an attorney ever even look at the victim’s case.

The Olson Law Firm is small, for a reason. We treat each personal injury case as if it were our own. We work hard to make sure you get each dollar you are entitled to. We promise an attorney will work on your case, and keep you informed each step of the way, so that you are never guessing as to where you stand. We do this work because we care. And because we want to ensure that personal injury victims are made whole.

What is a personal injury case?

Under Colorado law, if another person is responsible for causing injury to you or your family, you may be able to seek compensation through filing a personal injury lawsuit. Injury claims can be filed against an individual, group of individuals, companies, or government agencies. This includes claims of liability for negligence, product liability, or strict liability. Personal injury claims include, among many others:

You may be limited in how long you have to file a personal injury claim. The statute of limitations depends on the type of claim and who the claim is against. Most personal injury claims in the State of Colorado are limited to 2 years after the event giving rise to the injury. Automobile accident claims may have a 3-year statute of limitations. However, claims against the state, county, or city government may have a much shorter statute of limitations. Contact your attorney today so you will not lose your claim by filing a lawsuit too late.

A personal injury lawsuit will allow you to file for damages including lost wages, medical bills, ongoing medical care, loss of future earnings, loss of support, emotional damages, property damage, and pain and suffering.

Employment Issues

Employment law is complicated and can be confusing to those who may have a valid complaint against a current or former employer. The lawyers at The Olson Law Firm know the law regarding overtime compensation, discrimination, wrongful discharge, non-compete/non-disclosure agreements, and the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). We help employees, employers and labor organizations understand the laws governing proper employment practices. The Olson Law Firm is proud to be recognized by Expertise.com as one of Denver’s top employment law firms.

If you have questions about employment law, contact us today. We will take the time to understand your situation, explain your options, and navigate the best resolution to your employment concerns.

  • Overtime Compensation
  • Discrimination
  • Wrongful Discharge
  • Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)


What to Do if You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

If you suspect that nursing home abuse is occurring, you should act immediately. It is important to document any signs of abuse that you can, and to gather and record any evidence of abuse.

If you believe that your loved one is at imminent risk of bodily harm, you should call 911 immediately. Otherwise, you should act by reporting the nursing home abuse to a nursing home manager; reporting the suspected abuse to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and calling an experienced Denver nursing home abuse attorney to explore your legal options.

Is Nursing Home Abuse Illegal? Can I File a Lawsuit?

If nursing home abuse is occurring, there may be both criminal and civil consequences for the abusive party/nursing home. And even when an abusive or neglectful action doesn’t constitute a crime, nursing home abuse or neglect will always be negligent at the very least, and a party may be able to bring forth a negligence case against the nursing home facility for such conduct.

A nursing home abuse action is a type of civil suit that seeks to hold the at-fault party and nursing home facility liable for a patient’s harm, allowing the patient (or the personal representative of the party in the event that the nursing home patient is not mentally competent or has died as a result of abuse) to seek compensation for the full extent of losses suffered as a result of the abuse, including compensation for pain, suffering, medical expenses, diminished quality of life, and any other economic or noneconomic losses.

What You Must Prove in a Nursing Home Abuse Claim

A nursing home abuse or neglect claim follows the same outline as the majority of personal injury and medical malpractice claims. In this type of suit, the plaintiff must establish by a preponderance of the evidence that:

  • The nursing home owed a duty of care to the patient – By virtue of being within a nursing home, this is implied. Nursing home and medical providers within a nursing home, such as doctors and nurses, owe a high duty of care to all nursing home residents.
  • Breach of standard of care – The plaintiff must establish that the nursing home facility breached the standard of care owed to the patient via an act of abuse or neglect.
  • Causation – In addition to proving that a breach of the standard of care occurred (negligence/malpractice), the plaintiff must prove that the nursing home resident’s harm would not have occurred but for the breach of the standard of care.
  • Damages – Finally, in addition to the above, the fact that actual damages were suffered (i.e. physical harm, additional medical expenses, etc.) must be demonstrated.

Why Work with a Denver Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Learning that your loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse neglect or abuse is shocking, unexpected, and heart-wrenching. At the Olson Law Firm, our nursing home abuse lawyers in Denver are here to advocate for you and your family. When you suspect nursing home abuse, or believe that nursing home abuse has led to a resident’s harm, call our team for a free consultation about your legal options and what steps to take to protect your loved one. We are here to serve you – reach us today by phone or online to get started.





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